Irkutsk / Lake Baikal - In Pictures
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Irkutsk is one of the oldest and largest cities in Siberia. It sits on the bank of Angara River which originates from Lake Baikal, about 60km away. Therefore, many visitors make Irkutsk as a gateway to the Lake.

^ Junost Island in Angara River
The monument of Czar Alexander III >
The Boyoyavlensky Cathedral
The Spasskaya Church

With extremely severe climate, Irkutsk has had a reputation as the ideal place for exiles. In early 19th century, many Russian artists, intellectuals and nobles were sent into exile here for the Decembrist revolt against Tsar Nicholas I. After their sentences were over, Irkutsk became the major centre for their intellectual life and much of the city's cultural heritage came from them.

The residence-museum of Volkonsky - A Decembrist

After serving their term of hard labour, many Decembrists settled in Irkutsk with their families and friends. Two of their homes have now become museums.

The City Drama Theatre
An old wooden house

Wooden Architecture & Ethnography Museum in Taltsy

This is an open air museum located on the bank of Angara River, 47km from Irkutsk. It is a typical Siberian village.

The Village surrounded by wall & towers
A watch tower
A village chapel 2008