Stop being naïve over cloud-guiding
Many are intrigued by reports in our dailies that the Government has given its consent to an American company to try its "technology" in "guiding" clouds over the dam's catchment areas in the Klang Valley.

This is in spite of strong reservations expressed by all our meteorological scientists and experts. Moreover, this "technology" has never been attempted anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that our leaders have fallen into the hands of those so-called foreign "ethereal weather scientists"or locally known as "hi-tech bomoh".

During the 1991 drought in Malacca, an American company named TJC Atmos Engineers made an offer of a rain-making technology to the Malacca State Government to create rain over the Durain Tunggal dam catchment area. That company claimed that the technology was based on the manipulation of "chi" and ether.

Under a shroud of mystery, the State Government of Malacca struck a deal with this "hi-tech bomoh". In the end, some rain did fall but unfortunately not over the dam's catchment area! It was discovered later that the company's "technology" was nothing more than just using some mechanically operated cylinders and cones placed on rooftops!

In spite of his earlier failure, this same "hi-tech bomoh" is reported to have promoted his new technology of "guiding" clouds over dam's catchnent areas in the Klang Valley!

Late last year, there was yet another attempt by someone who tried to promote the use of a mysterious and abstruse method to direct the forces of nature. A Russian company named Center for Practical Geo-ecology (CPG) had obtained the Government's endorsement during the haze situation last year to use its "cyclone-creating" technology to clear the haze.

As expected, the results in both the above cases have come to naught. One would therefore expect that, once beaten twice shy, the Government would have learnt its lesson and not be easily hoodwinked again.

The Government should not be so gullible and naïve and get involved in such futile activities like "rain-making", "cyclone-creating" and "cloud-guiding".

Instead, efforts and energy could be better utilised to address the current water crisis and to improve the management of our water resources so as to lessen the suffering of consumers in the immediate term and to prevent the recurrence of such crisis in the long term. 2007