Need to improve water quality

Complaints to the press by domestic water consumers in the Klang valley about dirty tap water have increased in recent years. These complaints have invariably helped to promote the sale and use of domestic water filters and distillers, more so when the relevant authorities are seen to act indifferently to the issue raised.

The latest complaint on dirty tap water was highlighted in your report "Murky tap water" (Metro, Jan 23, 2002). The report said residents in Taman Desa had made numerous complaints to JBAS and Kuala Lumpur district JBA but no action had so far been taken by both the departments over the past year.

Fueled by numerous complaints of residents receiving dirty tap water and the indifferent attitude of the waterworks departments, some over-zealous promoters of domestic filters and distillers have taken the liberty to make wild and damaging statements to run down on the quality and standard of our drinking water. An advertiser promoting his brand of domestic water filtration system was even bold enough to make a sweeping but serious allegation that "the water quality from the taps of those who live in the Klang valley is shocking indeed".

Such allegations are serious and the relevant authorities can not choose to ignore them. Their silence is inexplicable and indeed deafening which can only lead the public to believe that the waterworks departments have failed to supply potable water to consumers.

It is hoped that the above allegations are far from the truth and the departments concerned should at least refute their claims. 2007