Some Road Signs Are Confusing, Misleading Motorists


I REFER to the letter "Make sure signs are visible to all" (NST, Jan 6) by S.Leong of Ampang. S. Leong contended that Malaysian roads and public places are short of proper signs and that many are not prominently located to better serve the public.

Here, I wish to add that some of the existing signs can also be confusing and misleading. An example are two signs located at the T-junction at the end of Jalan 14/15, Petaling Jaya, that connects to Jalan 223 on the left and Jalan 14/29 on the right.

About six months ago, traffic from Jalan 223 was no longer allowed to enter into Jalan 222. At present, if one were to travel from Jalan 14/15 to this T-junction, one would, be confronted by two signboards situated side by side.

There is a big and prominent signboard which has an arrow pointing Jalan 222 to the left and a smaller one next to it showing Jalan 222 in the opposite direction! There are also no prominent signs to inform motorists that Jalan 223 is now a no-through road. There are two small "no-through road" signs along Jalan 223, one just after the entrance into Jalan 223 and the other near the end of this road.

Those new to the area will only know that Jalan 223 is a dead-end when they see the road signs after they have already entered this road!

I highlighted, the above inadequacy in road signages in a newspaper last November. It is disheartening to note that, to date, the relevant authorities still have not done anything to improve the situation. Their inaction is worrying.

As more roads and highways are being added and existing traffic systems altered, a lack of proper road signs could result in chaotic traffic flow, particularly in a busy and urban township like Petaling Jaya. 2008