Parents who are a bad example to children

I fully agree with Ann-Lim that both teachers and parents play important parts in inculcating young children with good behaviors. "Teachers can help create students with good manners" (The Star, 26 June).

I do not know what the teachers teach in civics classes in schools now, as I do not have any school-going children in my family.

But staying close to a secondary girls' school in Petaling Jaya, I can see that many parents or guardians are not showing a good example to young children under their charge.

After the end of each school session, the roads in front and near the school's main gate would be jammed with waiting vehicles, many double-parked, on both sides of the roads.

This causes massive traffic congestion and made the roads impassable to vehicular traffic. During these periods, I have no choice but to bypass the school and use a longer route to return home or going out to town.

One wonders why the parents/guardians cannot park their vehicles further away from the school's main gate and walk a short distance to meet the students so that the roads will not be congested.

By jamming the roads near the school, they are not inculcating the young people with a respect for the traffic rules. By their example, do they still expect the students to respect the laws when they grow up?

Another example of elders not showing exemplary conduct on the roads to the youngsters is when traveling in cars with them, they would not hesitate to break all traffic rules by beating the traffic lights, making turns without showing a signal and throwing rubbish out of their cars.

With such bad behaviors shown by the elders, it would be a Herculean task for Malaysians to rid our "kurang ajar" attitude and "kiasu" mentality in the near future.


An edited version was published in The Star on 30/06/06. 2008