Exemplary customer service at Perkhidmatan Kajicuaca Malaysia

I went to the office of the Malaysian Meteorological Services office in Jalan Sultan, Petaling Jaya in the morning of 29th Sept to obtain some rainfall records.

After getting a visitor's pass from the friendly security guard at the entrance, I went straight up to the third floor of the building. There, sitting behind the reception desk was a middle-aged officer smiling at me as I approached him. I started the conversation in Bahasa Malaysia.

Seeing me struggle with my Bahasa, he quickly told me to converse in English. I did and it turned out to be my most memorable and pleasant encounter with a civil servant in all my life.

Understanding what I wanted, he even helped me to fill up the request form and quickly forwarded it to the office inside. While waiting, we kept our pleasant conversation going.

After awhile, he went into his office to check and came back soon with a packet of soft drink for me! I was so pleasantly surprised that I thanked him profusely for his friendliness and kindness.

Later a group of four university students came and the officer treated them the same and offered them soft drinks too!

Though I had to pay RM50.00 for the rainfall records of one station, I left his office feeling very pleased with the treatment I received.

Later that evening when our Prime Minister announced in his budget speech that only workers in the public sectors would get some perks next year, I felt happy for them. But I only hope that all government departments would emulate the Meteorological Services Department in providing friendly and efficient services to the public.

1. The above was published in The Star on 6/10/05.
2. The Director of the Department telephoned me the next morning to thank me for the kind words I wrote in the above.
3. I went back to collect more rainfall records and I was pleasantly surprised that everyone I met in the office seemed to recognize me. Even the security guard at the entrance had a printed copy of the above!

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