Renewing read tax is a breeze

ON FRIDAY, June 13, I went to the post office in Bangsar to renew my road tax. The first time I went there for the renewal was six months ago. It took me 10 minutes (including.time spent on queuing) to get the new road tax disc. I was pleasantly surprised that the renewal was done speedily. I thought I had a lucky day.

The reason I chose the Bangsar post office to renew my road tax was because my insurance agent's office was also situated in the same area.

Moreover, I usually have lunch with my friends on most Fridays; the venue is also in the same vicinity. A few days before the expiry of my road tax, I instructed my insurance agent to get the insurance cover note ready by that particular Friday.

At the same time, I also made an appointment with my friends in Bangsar at l pm. I collected the cover note from my agent at 12.15pm and went to the post office (which is less than 1 km away) to renew the road tax.

There was not much of a queue and I was quickly served by a smiling lady who, within a few minutes, gave me the new road tax disc. I was simply elated at the manner in which the whole task was accomplished. I then walked to the restaurants few metres away and found that I was about half an hour early for my lunch appointment. It was simply unbelievable!

This time I was convinced, that it was not due to luck that I had my road tax renewed in a breeze. Indeed, the task was accomplished by an excellent organisation which conducts its business in a most efficient manner by its friendly and dedicated staff. 2008