Vladivostok In Pictures
 Vladivostok, "Ruler-of-the-east" was founded in 1860. With its natural harbour, Golden Horn Bay, it is the home to the Russian Pacific Fleet and as a trading port, and has brought prosperity to the city.

It was off limit to foreigners during the Soviet times and was opened again only in 1992.

Vladivostok is a small but lively and attractive city with a pleasant climate. It is more cosmopolitan in character because it is close to China, Korea and Japan.

But, travelers beware! It is a travel cul-de-sac without any international airlines except one route to Seoul by KE!

The railway station in Vladivostok
The Russian Pacific Fleet in Golden Horn Bay
View of part of the archipelago towards south of Vladivostok
View of city & harbour


The city square
The Soviet C-56 Submarine


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