An Enchanting Tour of South Peru - Part 1
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I was completely mesmerized by the enchanting scenery of the Andes, the greatness of the Inca civilization and the mystic of its remains, particularly the lost city of Machu Picchu.


Peru, with rich and varied heritage, which includes the ancient Incan capital of Cuzco and the lost city of Machu Picchu, was synonymous with mystery and excitement to me before my recent trip to southern Peru in April 06.

After traveling by road from Lima to Cusco and trekking by the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru really lived up to my expectation. I was amazed by the stunning beauty of its scenery, the spectacular grandeur of the Inca remains and the incredulous floating islands in Lake Titicaca, which I first learned about it briefly when studying geography in my school days.

Five Malaysian: me & my wife Lucy, Chin Mee Poon & wife Lee Beng Eng and Kenny Lim and an American friend, Larry Logue were in Peru from 14 to 28 April 2006. We were together until after Cuzco where the two ladies went separately to tour the Sacred Valley while the four men trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The story of this travel is divided into three main parts as follows:

Part 1. In pictures - The journey from Lima to Cuzco

Colca Canyon
Sand Crossing

Part 2. Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Part 3. Uros Islands, Nazca lines & Machu Picchu

Uros Island
Nasca Lines


Part 1. In Pictures - The journey from Lima to Cuzco

The itinerary:
15 April
Lima to Ballestas Island and Paracas National Reserve. Then on to Nazca. Overnight in Majoro Hotel.
16 April Overflight the Nazca Lines, then proceed to Arequipa. Overnight in Corregidor Hotel.
17 April
Arequipa to Colca Valley. Overnight in Casa Andina Colca Hotel in Chivay.
18 April
Tour of Colca Canyon including stopping at "Condor's Cross". Then on to Puno. Overnight in Qelqatani Hotel.
19 April Full day excursion of Uros and Taquile Islands. Overnight in Qelqatani Hotel.
20 April Puno to Cuzco. Visits on the way. Overnight in Royal Inka 1 Hotel.
21 April Tour of four ruins in Cuzco. Overnight in Royal Inka 1 Hotel.

The tour package, which includes the Sacred Valley and trekking the Inca Trail was prearranged and conducted by Inka Wasi Travel of Lima on a "Private" basis.


In Lima

Shore of Pacific Ocean Coast at Larcomar, Miraflores (left) & Lima (right)
Lovers' Garden, Lima
Spanish architecture in Lima

Lima's Cathedralin road in an inhabited island

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