Air Trip Spoilt By Noisy Malaysian Travelers

I was saddened by what happened in the economy class cabin during the flight from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 20, 1995.

The flight (MH55) left Guangzhou at 1510 with its full complement of passengers. Most of the passengers were Malaysians - including a 50-member tour group returning home.

At the beginning of the flight, the atmosphere in the cabin was normal. However, after the passengers had settled down, the atmosphere became noisy as passengers from the tour group began to strike up noisy conversation among themselves.

This noisy situation worsened as the flight progressed. After meals, the passengers from the tour group were moving around the cabin, talking and laughing loudly. This was done with total disregard to the comfort of the other passengers.

Later, many of them converged to the back of the cabin and queued up to use the toilets. But while waiting for their turns, they started talking loudly among themselves.

It was an unpleasant and disturbing situation to the other passengers sitting near the back of the cabin. I was one of the unfortunate ones!

I was rather surprised that the cabin crew were oblivious to what was going on. No attempt was made by any one of the crew members to control the situation.

When I could not bear it any longer, I approached a stewardess and complained to her about the noise. She, however, nonchalantly told me to file in a written complaint. I was simply stunned and flabbergasted.

Earlier I was already not happy with the service given by the crew. However, as the flight was full, I thought they were short-handed and, therefore, could not perform to every one's satisfaction.

But now, seeing their appalling attitude, I could not but concluded that they were simply inefficient and indifferent.

I strongly believe that proper training and instruction must be given to the cabin crew to handle situation of this nature on the spot.

It is also equally important that the tour leader should be more responsible and ensure that the tour members under him behave properly.

Guangzhou-KL is an international flight. Such rowdy behaviour by Malaysian passengers can only project a poor image of Malaysia.

It also makes air travel unpleasant and irritating. 2008