A Journey Of Awakening: Northern Laos & Cambodia

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My fellow trekkers & I decided go on a journey of discovery nearer to home before embarking on another mountain trekking adventure. We chose northern Laos and Cambodia for a start. It was an enjoyable journey per se, but what we saw and learnt was sad and unforgettable - the poverty and the crimes against humanity committed by a superpower and by a ruthless regime. 


Part A: The Journey in Northern Laos
10/03/05 to 18/03/05

Route from Huay Xai to Vientiane

The Team in Laos: L to R - Guide Thongkham, K. C, Kok Peng, Dr Teh, Toh, Kenny, Larry & Driver Khamla

Journey to Luang Namtha

Crossing the Mekong from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai on 10/03/05
The driver & the guide traveled in this van from Vientiane on 8/3/05 & arrived Huay Xia at night on 9/03/05. The van was hired from Asia Car Rental in Vientiane.

A village by the side of the dusty & unpaved mountainous road (similar to Friendship Highway
in Tibet!). From Huay Xai to Luang Namtha, a distance of less than 200km took us more
than 7 hours! Road now under construction by a Chinese Contractor and funded by ADB.

Lunch break in an eatery along Huay Xai-Luang Namtha road.

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