Welcome to Naked-Eye View (NeV), a site created to bring you various topics on modern society and living in Malaysia.

"Issues of Public Interest" brings you subjects that you should know but nobody tells you about. The views presented herein are apolitical but with no holds barred. It has only one purpose in mind -- to tell the truth without fear or favour. Most of the articles have been published in the Malaysian English dailies -- The Star, The Sun and New Straits Times. Some also appeared in Malaysiakini.

It is said that, people who know don't say much but people who talk a lot don't know much. If that is correct, then I think I am one of those who don't talk a lot but do write sometimes on what I know -- especially on issues of public interest. I am not an expert on all issues I touch on, but fortunately I know some of those who do and are willing to share their knowledge with me. To them I say a big THANK YOU for helping some of my articles and letters see the light of print in our local dailies.

Many, if not all, of the issues presented here are still relevant though I first raised them many years ago. For instance, I wrote in late 1995 on the privatisation of sewerage services in Malaysia and, more than ten years later, the problems are still with us.

For easy reference, the issues I address in NeV are grouped under the following headings:

1.  Water Woes in Klang Valley,
2. The Failure of Sewerage Privatisation,
3. Traffic and Highways,
4. Social Issues and

5. Other Topics of Public Interest

"Adventures" takes you to some of the most beautiful and remote corners of the world. The journeys described in NeV are by road, rail, boat and foot. In addition, some of the more spectacular underwater adventures are included.

The journeys by road and train were undertaken with my family and some friends. While I went mountain trekking and scuba diving with different groups of friends. However, none of my trekking friends are scuba divers and vice versa. I’m the only exception!

I believe that if one goes high, he/she needs to descent and go low sometimes in order to maintain equilibrium in life. But I find it exhilarating both in trekking up to the snowcapped wild mountains and frolicking in the deep blue sea.  


“Adventures” also forewarns you of pitfalls all along your journey of discovery.

You are welcome to make comments on the various issues presented here. You can submit your views and comments to: astoh@nakedeyeview.com.my

The gallery and humour sections are a collection of goodies for everyone's enjoyment.

If NeV causes furore, that is good. If it brings laughter, that is good too but if it brings tears, tears of joy, that's best.

Happy Reading!

This site is owned by A S Toh, a retired consulting engineer.

Born in Muar in 1939, A S Toh received his early education in Chung Hwa Primary School and St. Andrew Secondary School in Muar. He did his Sixth Form in St. John’s Institution in Kuala Lumpur. He graduated with a civil engineering degree from the University of Malaya in 1965.

After spending one year with a private firm, A S Toh joined JKR in 1966. He left JKR in 1971 to start his own business. He was so enterprising that he in fact started two businesses at the same time: Bina Runding Sdn. Bhd., an engineering consulting firm and Pre-Stressed Concrete (M) Sdn. Bhd. (now known as Freyssinet PSC (M) Sdn. Bhd), a specialist construction company. He was actually a pioneer as one of the first engineers in the country to have one leg in consultancy and the other in construction. But true to his character, he avoided any conflict of interest in all his dealings in both areas.

A S Toh is a late starter in his outdoor pursuits. He has a natural inclination towards outdoor activities and adventures, having close acquaintance with jungles as a kampong boy. However, his busy schedule as a consulting engineer kept him away from his hobbies. In 1994 he sold off his entire stake in the consulting engineering company and a year later the specialist construction company. Once freed of the hustle and bustle of business life, he began to indulge in all the things he had always wanted to do dearly, such as driving a funny looking white ball into a tiny hole (and they call it golf), and drinking to each other’s health with a group of friends in a pub. Soon the 18 holes as well as the 19th hole failed to give him enough excitement. He then picked up, first, scuba diving, and later, mountain trekking.

A S Toh has other interests as well. He likes to travel and is a keen photographer. These two hobbies go together very well and he takes a lot of pictures when he travels. He has also taken up underwater photography to capture images of the enchanting denizens of the coral reefs.

A S Toh also writes. He does not write travel stories only but on issues of public interest as well. Most of his writings were published in local dailies.

This personal website is to keep his writings and photographs in a place that is easily accessible not only to himself but to his friends and anyone who may be interested.

There is a soft spot in A S Toh’s heart. He cannot stand Mother Nature and our living environment being abused by mindless beings. He cannot even stand the sight of beasts such as camels and horses being subject to unduly heavy burden. He considers this as a form of torture.

A S Toh and his beloved wife Lucy have two children. Son Wei Ming is an electrical & electronic engineer. He is married to Selina Yong, an accountant. Su Mei the daughter is more like the father. She is such a staunch environmentalist that she refuses to drive in order not to pollute the air.

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