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A Long And Tedious Road Journey In East Java

A. Introduction

The journey by road started from Surabaya and headed straight along the northern coast of East Java to Banyuwangi, located at its eastern tip. We returned to Surabaya by the southern route after visiting Ijen Crater, Bromo Crater and Batu Highland.

Map of East Java

East Java Route Map

The trip was organized by Chris Chin and five Malaysian couples took part in this expedition. They are: Chris & Esther, Simon & Kim, Tan & Linda, Onn & Wan Ying and me & Lucy.

The brief itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 / Tue - 03 Apr 2012:- By flight from LCCT to Juanda Airport, Surabaya and by road all the way to Banyuwangi in a 16-seater air-conditioned van.

Day 2 / Wed – 04 Apr 2012:- By van from Banyuwangi to Muncar Fishing Port and Bahuran National Park.

Day 3 / Thu – 05 Apr 2012:- By van/4WD vehicles from Banyuwangi to Ijen National Park. Trek to Ijen Crater and transfer to Mt. Bromo at Tosari Area.

Day 4 / Fri – 06 Apr 2012:- By 4WD vehicles to Mt. Penanjakan. Crossing the “sand ocean” on horseback to Mt Promo and ascend 250 steps to the rim of Mt Bromo crater. Return to Mt. Penanjakan and transfer to Batu City. Visit Batu Secret Zoo & The Animal Museum.

Day 5 / Sat – 07 Apr 2012:-. Visit Wisata Apple Plantation and return to Surabaya.

Day 6 / Sun – 08 Apr 2012:- By flight from Juanda Airport to KLIA.


B. The Sojourn in East Java

Day 1/Tue 03 Apr - Surabaya to Banyuwangi

We arrived at Juanda Airport Surabaya at about noon. Our guide, Yahyap was at the airport to welcome us. We boarded into a 16-seater air-conditioned Dutro van. The van took us first to a hotel in Surabaya to drop off Onn and Wan Ying because the latter was pregnant and the bumpy ride in East Java would not be suitable for her.


The journey from Surabaya to Banyuwangi, a distance of 285km, took more than eight hours along the northern two-lane road. Certain sections of the road were winding and full of pot holes. The road was also congested with bikes and “bio solar” belching trucks and buses. We arrived at Hotel Ketapang Indah past 9.00pm.

Ketapang Indah Hotel is located in a coconut plantation and near the beach. Decorated traditionally in Balinese style and furnished with local materials, it offers a pleasant accommodation, delicious food in the restaurant, and a relaxing swimming pool.

Hotel Ketapang Indah

Day 2/Wed 04 Apr – Banyuwangi to Muncar Fishing Port & Baluran National Park

Muncar fishing Port

Muncar Fishing Port is the biggest in East Java. It is located on the beach south of Banyuwangi. When we arrived at about 9.30am, the decorated traditional fishing boats were berthed in the harbor and very little activity could be seen.

Adjacent to the port is a fish market. But not much fish was available for sale when we were there.

It is obvious that we were very late in arriving at this port.



Baluran National Park

This park is a forest preservation area that extends about 25,000 ha on the north coast of East Java. The panoramic view of the extensive savannah was magnificent. The park is reputed to be the habitat of wildlife which still exists in abundance. But when we drove through the savannah we could only see some deer and a peacock roosting in a tree.

Wildlife is typically nocturnal and so we should be able to see more and different species of the animals at night. However, the van was not equipped with proper spot lights and so we could only see a couple of animals with our naked eyes in the dark!

This park is quite close to a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach. But when we reached the beach it was dark and we saw nothing! Many tourists visit this beach to see monkeys catching crabs with their tails!

It is obvious that the timing was not right in visiting the park and the beach. Also the vehicle used for the night safari was not properly equipped.


Panoramic view of savanna in Baluran National Park

        Deer in the park                                                          Peacock roosting in a tree

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